Round table on 9th December: Sports injury prevention in Luxembourg – From knowing to doing!

This is an invitation to our upcoming lecture and round table at d’Coque. The lecture is free to attend and no registration is required. We are limited to 120 participants gaining access on a first come first served principle. This is a Covid-check event, only participants with a valid certificate and QR code will be allowed to enter.
For all those who are not able to attend a livestream of the lecture will be available on the Facebook page of LIHPS.

Sports injuries and illnesses are a source of significant time loss in amateur and elite sports with frequent socio-economic and health consequences in the short-, mid- and long-term. It has been shown that about 40% of the sports-related health benefits get lost through sports injuries.
Sports injury prevention (IP) concepts have proven their effectiveness in many sports and at various levels, with reductions of sports injuries of approximately 50%. Likewise, IP principles do often lead to increased sports performance. However, implementation of IP principles including injury surveillance and workload monitoring is complex and requires a close collaboration not only of athletes, coaches and eventually parents, but also between all medical, sports and political stakeholders involved.
Due to the lack of existing overarching IP strategies in Luxembourg at various levels, principles and possible solutions of IP are presented and discussed by different involved stakeholders of the LIHPS, COSL, SLMS, SLKS, CMOL, Sportlycée, ENEPS, LIROMS in order to start general organized evidence-based IP initiatives in Luxembourg and reduce sports injuries for all level of athletes.

Welcome – Prof Romain Seil
“The burden of sports injuries – setting the scene!” – Dr Christian Nührenbörger
“Sports injury prevention is effective! How to implement it?” – Jérôme Pauls

Prof Romain Seil, President of LIROMS, CMOL, REFORM
Dr Christian Nührenbörger, CMOL, Vice president of SLMS 
Jérôme Pauls, LIHPS, President of SLKS
Alwin de Prins, Director of LIPHS
Raymond Conzemius, Assist. Technical Directof of COSL
Pascal Schaul, Director of Sportlycée
Charles Stelmes, Director of ENEPS