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Mission & Scope

Vision & Mission

The Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports has the aim to develop high-performance sport in Luxembourg. It optimises resources and services for top-level athletes by responding to developments in sport on an international and global scale. By doing this, the LIHPS is taking up the challenge of implementing essential demands of the “Concept intégré pour le sport au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg“.


To promote sporting excellence by increasing the number of Luxembourgish top athletes and top-level performances on the international stage and thus contribute to the recognition of high-performance sport in the Luxembourgish society.


  • Excellence
  • Expertise
  • Understanding
  • Sports ethics


  • Create a coordination structure for specialized services for high-performance athletes in Luxembourg
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge to Luxembourg’s stakeholders in high-performance sport in order to support them in their quest for excellence
  • Contribute to the development of high-performance sport and the promotion of the country at the international level


  • The priority objective of the activities of the Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports is to promote sporting performance while protecting the physical and mental health of high-performance athletes
  • The athlete and his coach are at the heart of the Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports’ efforts


The LIHPS offers its services to elite athletes who are members of the COSL squads (cadre élite and cadre promotion), the army’s elite sports section (SSEA) or any other COSL support measure. The athletes are divided into three priority groups, defined according to the athlete’s performance level, his or her membership in the various COSL or SSEA support measures and his or her long-term development perspective. In addition, national teams in team sports can make use of some of the services of the LIHPS on the basis of an agreed concept.