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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning’s primary goal is to improve athletic performance by developing, speed, strength, and power of athletes. Our S&C coaches work closely with the athlete’s sport specific coaches in order to develop systematic training programs for our athletes which can substantially differ by athlete and sport. This includes regular evaluation of their performance development.

The second objective of Strength & Conditioning is to reduce injuries. Therefore, our S&C coaches teach the appropriate lifting techniques and exercises as a measure of injury prevention.

The “High Performance Training and Recovery Center” at the national sports centre “d’Coque” in Kirchberg has been available to national elite athletes for their strength and conditioning training since mid-2019.

Martin Zawieja

Strength & Conditioning Expert and Trainer

Maike Czasche

Strength & Conditioning Scientist and Trainer

Weight room

  • Large area with 6 weightlifting platforms dedicated to barbell and free-weights training
  • Ultramodern cardio and strength equipment
  • Velocity-based barbell training device

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