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Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

Improving the understanding of performance to reach world class level

In competitive sports, performance diagnostics is indispensable to be competitive on an international level. The interventions are planned in close collaboration with the coach in order to develop effective performance diagnostic concepts tailored to the sport and the athlete’s individual needs. The sports scientists and the coach discuss the critical success factors and determine the performance-relevant parameters that best reflect them.

Eric Besenius

Performance Services Coordinator

Frédéric Margue

Head of Performance Analysis


Performance diagnostics covers the assessment and evaluation of sports performance. In high performance sports, it pursues four essential goals:

1. Determination of the current performance status
  • Measuring performance-relevant parameters of the respective sport
  • Establishing strength-weakness profiles for inter- and intra-individual analysis
2. Evaluation of the performance development
  • Assessing the evolution of performance-relevant parameters in order to identify performance improvement, decline or stagnation
3. Optimisation of training control
  • Providing important indicators that can help the coach to adapt and plan training intensity, load and periodisation
4. Estimation of performance potential
  • Measuring physiological parameters that allow predictions about the athletic performance potential

Performance Testing

LIHPS offers a wide range of different tests in order to gain a holistic understanding of an athlete’s performance:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic endurance tests
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Sprint tests
  • Strength tests
  • Jump tests
  • Body composition analysis

The tests can be carried out in a fully equipped laboratory or in the form of field tests according to the characteristics of the sport and the individual needs of the athlete.

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