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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

The sports physiotherapists strive to optimize injury assessment, management and athlete recovery. They work closely together with experts for injury prevention, return-to-sports and performance, treating physicians and other care providers, in order to ensure an optimal return-to-participation, and seek to respond to the specific needs of the athletes and their sporting environment.


1. In case of injury

  • Immediate processing and management of urgent demands for physiotherapy services
  • Provision of a functional evaluation tailored to the athlete’s injury
  • Rehabilitation of acute and overload injuries and after orthopaedic surgery through exercise, manual therapy and soft tissue therapy

2. Prevention

  • Carrying out regular musculoskeletal, sport and discipline specific evaluations (as part of the annual sports medical examination)
  • Implementation of suited recovery strategies for the athlete.

3. Summary of available evaluation tools

  • Isokinetic & isometric strength tests
  • 2D motion analysis
  • Mobility, flexibility & balance tests