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Training Optimisation

Training Optimisation

In our efforts to support the Luxembourgish athletes on their way to athletic peak performance, we strive to offer the best possible training conditions and provide support in optimising everyday training.

The “High Performance Training and Recovery Center” at the national sports centre “d’Coque” in Kirchberg has been available to national elite athletes for their training since mid-2019, amongst others with its state-of-the-art weight room in which a specific and tailor-made strength and conditioning training is possible.

Eric Besenius

Performance Services Coordinator

Frédéric Margue

Head of Performance Analysis

Weight room

  • Large area with 6 weightlifting platforms dedicated to barbell and free-weights training
  • Ultramodern cardio and strength equipment

Speed Court

  • Improvement of sprint speed coupled with cognitive stress
  • Training of reactivity and other sport psychological aspects such as action and decision speed
  • Training of specific movement patterns for team sports (football, handball, basketball) as well as individual sports (e.g. badminton, table tennis, tennis, …)
  • Can be used in rehabilitation after injuries to simulate game-specific situations

Altitude Chamber

  • Allows for exercise under normobaric hypoxic conditions
  • Can be used to prepare for competitions in high altitude by getting used to oxygen-reduced air (altitude acclimatisation)
  • Can favour physiological adaptation processes in order to enhance performance

Heat Chamber

  • Allows for exercise in the heat
  • Can be used to prepare for competitions in hot regions (heat acclimatisation)
  • Can favour physiological adaptation processes in order to enhance performance

Sprint Track

  • 40 m tartan track
  • Plyometric and running technique training
  • Comprehensive analysis of the first phase of sprints due to:
    • Track and field starting block with integrated force platforms
    • 25 m Optojump system that measures ground contact time, step length and step frequency
    • Fixed video analysis system

Additional Equipment

  • Video Analysis
    • Fixed systems in swimming and judo
    • Mobile system for numerous other sports and applications
  • Cable pull system for specific sprint training (resisted and supramaximal sprints) for swimming and running
  • Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill for rehabilitation and return to sports after injuries
  • LED-pacing-system in swimming
  • Handheld lactacte measuring devices