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Founders & Governance

Founding Members

On 13 December 2017, the following founding members signed the statutes of the Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports (LIPHS), implementing thus essential demands of the “Concept intégré pour le sport au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg“:

The Luxembourg Olympic and Sports Committee (COSL) is the umbrella body for private organised sport in Luxembourg. The COSL, recognised as the central body of Luxembourg sport by the public authorities and as the National Olympic Committee (NOC) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), brings together all sports or sports-related federations, both Olympic and non-Olympic. Thus, the COSL represents 61 Olympic and non-Olympic federations with more than 125,000 members in some 1,550 clubs.

The Minister of Sport and the Ministry of Sport are responsible for all sports-related matters in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The state assists and supports sports bodies in the implementation of their main objectives: health promotion and improvement, full development of the human personality, social inclusion, development of social relations and the achievement of sports results in competition at all levels. Finally, public authorities support the sports movement in safeguarding the ethical values of sports.

The Société Luxembourgeoise de la Médecine du Sport (SLMS) was founded in 1951. Its purpose was to “contribute to the advancement of physical culture and medical sciences through the scientific study of gymnastics, physical exercises, games and sports in particular and to defend the professional and material interests of its members”. Today, Luxembourgish sports medicine is completely rearranged and includes orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, functional rehabilitation, sports cardiology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and specific sports medicine research.


After the constitution of the LIHPS, a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the three founding members was created. It is composed of at least six and at most thirteen directors which are elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority of votes. The Board meets whenever the interests of LIHPS so require and is composed as follows:


Mr André Hoffmann (President)

Mr Gilles Dostert (Vice-president)

Dr Axel Urhausen (Secretary)

Mr Christophe Bestgen (Treasurer)

Mr Raymond Conzemius

Ms Marie-Paule Hoffmann

Dr Christian Nührenbörger

Dr Romain Seil

Mr Charles Stelmes