Key strategies to limit the risk of infections

In these challenging times we are often asked by athletes what they should pay attention to. Regarding the general risk of becoming infected with respiratory pathogens like the corona virus, you will find some key strategies to limit the risk in the infographic of Mysportscience by our recent speaker Prof. Asker Jeukendrup and by Prof. Michael Gleeson from Loughborough University:

“Our immune system protects us against the viruses that cause all kind of infections (among those influenza and the current Corona virus), but because there is a genetic influence on the efficacy of our immune systems, some people are more prone to infections than others. However, our susceptibility to common infectious diseases is also influenced by what we eat, how much exercise we do, and how well we sleep. In addition, other lifestyle behaviors such as good personal hygiene practices can help to reduce our risk of picking up infections. This article explains the various nutritional, behavioral, and lifestyle strategies that we can easily implement to help minimize our risk of respiratory tract infections.”